No One Left Behind: Crisis Relief for Afghanistan


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Since the withdrawal of American Troops in Afghanistan, a humanitarian crisis has developed as the Taliban takes control over most of the country. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans are being subjected to violence and displacement every passing day, and with destruction of infrastructure, health care facilities, public services and schools, it is becoming increasing unsafe for any Afghan citizen that was an ally to U.S. military over the past 20 years, along with their families. These people are looking for a way out of the fear and persecution, and as the world watches Afghanistan, so many of us are looking for ways to help. The Village Voice is passionate about doing what we can to support an organization that has a long standing history of helping those men and women that were so dedicated to serving alongside the US military. This is an organization that has a proven track record of not only helping the alley citizens coming out of Afghanistan, but also aiding the ones that are unable to leave by providing much needed resources. 100% of the proceeds will be given to No One Left behind, a charity organization dedicated to ensuring that America keeps its promise to our interpreters from Iraq and Afghanistan. Please Donate Generously! –– About No One Left Behind: No One Left Behind is the only nation-wide association of wartime allies in the US dedicated to ensuring that America keeps its promise to our interpreters from Iraq and Afghanistan. These brave men and women served right alongside US military and government personnel, and in many cases, directly saved American lives. Our vision is to see that each wartime ally is honored for his or her courageous service. We want their families to achieve the American Dream. We stand together, Shona ba Shona, Kataf Lakataf, Shoulder-to-Shoulder, in pursuing this noble cause. –– Testimonials: “I have been assisted almost in everything of my new life here in the USA, from the first month of arriving up to now.” -Farid (San Francisco Bay Area) “NOLB helped me with find housing and employment and now I’m able to support my family. I really appreciate all the efforts and kindness ofNOLB.” -Masood (Omaha) “What NOLB did to me and my family: Warm welcoming at the airport! Making ready the apartment with all the furniture! Paying Security deposit!Paying first month’s rent! Helping to get your driver license! Get you a car!!! And many many many more. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND! You are unique. Thank you so much!” -Hasibullah (Rochester) “When we arrive in San Diego we received assistance from the No One Left Behind organization. Like house equipment, making resumes, looking for jobs, and many more guidance. Also, they guide me on how to process my documents at USCIS and applying for a driving license at DMV. I really appreciate NOLB organization for helping us and our settlement in San Diego. “ -Mohammad (San Diego) “Thank you so much for outstanding support during that hard time, me and my family are really grateful for all your organization help. Now I’m feeling much better and a good thing, I just started my career last week. Thank you again for all your support.” -Mujeeb Rahman (Seattle)

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