Mississippi 3/24 Disaster Relief Campaign


Hey, world changer! As you have probably already heard, severe weather worked its way through Mississippi on the night of Friday, March 24th. According to a tweet from Mississippi's governor Tate Reeves, at least 23 people have lost their lives and the pictures of the damage are heartbreaking. Unfortunately, this number is expected to increase as daylight allows first responders to assess the situation. Mississippians and the organizations helping them need our help! We have created this charitable crowdfunding campaign to help empower our donor network to lead relief efforts. For now, the campaign includes a few major disaster relief organizations, but we will include other charities as we confirm their efforts.  Grants will periodically be distributed to these charities and contributors will receive updates as we go. How can you help? DONATE - every contribution helps. Anybody with this link can make a contribution with a credit card or debit card. Create a free B Charitable account to contribute directly from your donor advised fund, or with a bank transfer, crypto, or appreciated stock. SHARE - share this link with your network via Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, QR code, or by copying and pasting a link into an email or text. Access these options easily by clicking on the Share icon below. Thank you for your help and thank you for B-ing Charitable!

Note: this picture was made available by the Mississippi Highway Patrol

Jonathan Shugart organized this campaign