Homeless mom of 4

Well let's start by I'm a homeless mom been homeless through the holidays and during the time I was in the shelter before the shelter they had no space so I was just greatful when they opened up space I was almost getting back on track untill boom my car got total lost on the mountain here in Tennessee which set me all the way back I now have thank God moved into a house for rent with the little 2000 I saved up while I had my car and working but now I'm jobless can't pass a background check because of my past way before I had kids can't get a work from home job and I just pray I can get anyone's help to get a car I need to raise money for a car so me and my little ones can stay here and I need a job I have my 4th child in April and is terrified unfortunately I had to leave an abusive situation which but me in this situation but I pray and thank God I did leave Ive never felt better mentally


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