Community Building In Middle Georgia


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We're trying to solve/improve three aspects of food assistance for people in need in Middle GA (primarily Wilkinson & Baldwin Counties): 1. Access to healthier food options: fresh produce as a weekly staple 2. Providing safe, nutritious food for clients with health or dietary food restrictions: food allergies, diabetes, etc 3. Making food access available to the homebound, medically at-risk populations, seniors, and clients living in areas not readily served by food assistance resources: home deliveries, mailed/shipped non-perishable food, ordered grocery store pickups or deliveries PROGRAM BUDGET Operations (Delivery/Transport/Etc): $15,600 Food (Storage): $30,000 Food: $30,000 Programming: $300,000 EXPECTED OUTCOMES Serve over 500 families with 35+ pounds of food for 52 weeks. ($14+ per family per week.)


Alicia organized this campaign