Traveling Sign Language Camp Inc

We at A Silent World Deaf Center LLC created the Traveling Sign Language Camp Inc. in hopes of building communication bridges within all community youth that has Deaf Family Members. Even though some youth may just want to learn for fun others go on to college to become Deaf Educators. We will continue to always provide effective networking and collaboration to support all community youth groups. The Traveling Sign Language Camp is both an Afterschool Educational Program and a Summer Educational Program that caters to all community youth in all neighborhoods. The Camp provides a broad sign language curriculum that will start them on a unique educational path. The Camp has provided sign language to the community youth for 20 years. We are the only one of its kind in our city, Jacksonville, FL. We provide Deaf Education through various sign language games and activities. The Traveling Sign Language Camp Inc also assist in educating the community youth to acquire a second language to enhance socialization skills. Sign Language will also enhance and develop literacy and interpersonal skills for education and onward to future employment. Developing these skills as a youth will bring success and enrichment to their lives. Our camp Mission, Advocate – Educate – Inspire


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