Christ Kitchen Barista Training Program


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Christ Kitchen is a job training and discipleship program in Spokane, WA, for women living in poverty and/or needing a restart for employment. Through the production and sale of our gourmet dried food products, our full-service catering services, a food truck, a café, a coffee house, and a garden, this ministry enables women to learn to work, become employable, and support themselves and their families. Graduation from Christ Kitchen means that you are NOT reliant on government programs, any substance, or destructive relationships. Christ Kitchen needs funding to support its highly effective Barista Training program that offers women the ability to gain a skill set, enabling them to earn a life-sustaining wage for themselves and the children that rely on her for survival. The program allows graduates from this program to obtain employment that will provide wages and benefits, eliminating government assistance. Continuing the Barista Matrix would have a dynamic impact on the population we serve. The effects of poverty on single mom families struggle with chronic food insecurity, hunger, & malnutrition. We see that our women are often 3rd or 4th generation born into poverty. We are helping to break those statistics. This program has a significant impact across this ministry, both financially & in the community, as we strengthen the workforce allowing women to get life-sustaining jobs in this industry & lighting the load on public assistance reliance. The opportunity to earn money may bring women to the Kitchen, but it is the spiritual and emotional care that sustains them. HOPE is the firm foundation of this ministry. Women come through our doors facing employment and life challenges after incarceration, trafficking, abuse, addiction, and many other challenges. Within the nurturing, loving environment of Christ Kitchen, women learn work and life skills while meeting relational needs. For more information, visit the website:

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