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We've been working hard to simplify charitable giving with our new platform, B Charitable. A big THANK YOU to everyone that has signed up, made contributions and provided feedback. We have a challenge and an invitation for our friends, family and neighbors. Some families from Cliff Place have selected six local charities to benefit from a crowdfunding campaign called Cliff Place Cares. All contributions are eligible for a 50% match from one of our organizers, and each donor will receive a charitable contribution receipt for their donation. So if you give $1, your donation will grow to $1.50 after the match. Through grants to the following charities: Children’s Hospital of Alabama, Community Foodbank of Central Alabama, Magic City Woodworks, Neverthirst, Big Oak Ranch, and Lifeline, this campaign will provide 4,000 meals to hungry children in Central Alabama, dig a well in India that will provide clean water for 18-20 families, provide 3 months of living expenses for a teen needing a chance, teach life skills to 10 orphaned and vulnerable children, teach a trade and life skills to marginalized men, and provide access to world class healthcare for children of Alabama after our goal of $13,100 is reached. Together, we can make a greater impact in the lives of others. I’m excited to see our community rally together and support some amazing causes. Thank you for your generosity in helping others. Please help grow our community's impact by liking, sharing, tagging your neighbors, and commenting on this post.

50% up to our goal of $13,100.00

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